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Skypharma (PharmacyManagement System)


Increases profits by improving billing speed and accuracy.

Manage your stock items effectively.

Quick implementation within 2 days - 100% guaranteed.

The efficient operation / management of a crowded pharmacy shop which is dealing with a huge number of prescriptions, depends on the factors like the number of efficient staffs to handle the customers or the implementation of the appropriate software technology. We conducted a survey of senior doctors & chemists as a first step of preparing the software.


Skypharma v1.0 pharmacy billing software has a rapid speed billing, which helps to handle the crowded customers with more efficiency in a short duration.


User can design & configure the skypharma v1.0 medical billing software as per their requirements. Skypharma v1.0 has unlimited choices of options & configuration settings that fits the individual requirement of a pharmacy shop business. The users just have to configure the skypharma v1.0 medical billing software themselves as per their requirement and the custom made software for a pharmacy shop is ready! Skypharma v1.0 pharmacy software smartly informs the user about the expired medicines / medicines nearing the expiry date so that the user can make timely return of the expired medicines & get the claims.


Skypharma v1.0 is committed to provide the best supporting system for the pharmacy business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. The incomparable after sales service and training support is the key behind its success.



Key Business Benefits of Skypharma v1.0

  • Improved Patient Service and Satisfaction.
  • Higher Operational Efficiency.
  • Lower operating cost.
  • Supporting paperless pharmacy.
  • Get accurate information to take critical business decisions.


Key Functional Benefits of Skypharma v1.0

  • Complete Medical Inventory & Billing Management
  • Control on Stocks, Expiry & Claims
  • Easy & Fast Medicine billing with Accuracy
  • Cross check of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost
  • Effective Purchase Management to reduce costing
  • Zero Percent chance of Manual Mistake
  • Best Relations with Patient & Doctors
  • Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement
  • Multi-user and LAN compatible.
  • Compatible with any Windows 9x or higher version.
  • Re-Order with Best Supplier Management
  • Expiry Management


Why choose Skypharma v1.0?

  • One time investment, No yearly payments.
  • 24 * 7 Telephone support.
  • Onsite support (under AMC).
  • Highly robust and secure to prevent pilferage and fraud.
  • Ease of use and simplicity reduces the training time and the robustness minimizes the inadvertent errors made by Human operators.


  • Add Purchase
  • Purchase Management
  • Add Purchase Return
  • Purchase Return Management


  • Add Sales Bill
  • Sales Bills Management
  • Add Sales Bill Return
  • Sales Bill Return Management
  • Price Management


  • Stock Manager
  • Add Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Adjustment Manager


  • Sales
  • Sales Details
  • VAT Output Register Daily
  • VAT Output Register Monthly
  • Sales Tax Bills
  • Purchase
  • Profit
  • Stock Valuation
  • Closing Stock
  • Expiry Products
  • Re Order Stock
  • Stock Summary Reports
  • Pending Payments

User Accounts

  • Add User
  • User Management
  • Add Access Rule
  • Access Rule Management


  • Add Supplier
  • Supplier Management
  • Add Doctor
  • Doctor Management
  • Add Product
  • Product Management
  • Add Ledger
  • Ledger Management


  • Ledger
  • Add Voucher
  • Voucher Management


  • Hospital Profile
  • DB Backup
  • Change password

Hardware requirement:

  • System with minimum 1 GHZ processor speed.
  • Printer (Bill printing)


You can use Skypharma V1.0 in three ways:

Independent - on a single system placed in your outlet.
Intranet - use it on multiple network computers.
Online - Host on a secure server.



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